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About us

One of the prerequisites for the success of any company that intends to grow, develop and flourish is the security of its information assets and know-how as well as business communications.

The globalization of markets, the development of ever wider internationalization processes through outsourcing or relocation operations, opening the logic of cross-border cooperation are all elements which in fact may expose the company to the risk of loss its core competencies and its strategic know-how.

BE.iT makes the enterprise system the most secure, stable, organized and developed possible by providing a platform of high added value, made by competent professionals, skilled, practical and determined.

The ability to structure communication systems effective, efficient and protected allows the company to achieve, maintain and develop competitive advantages such as to make them gain more and more market important and strategic.

BE.iT realizes, through its ownership structure, the integration and consolidation of infrastructure and software necessary to ensure that the company is easily guarded, tightly controlled and managed intelligently with the ultimate goal to make it as independent as integrated.